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Subject Testing of Chrissanthie Products

The three products which were distributed to 26 subjects (May-July 2011) comprised:

  1. Chrissanthie Eye Cleanser
  2. Chrissanthie Eye Serum
  3. Chrissanthie Eye Cream

Although the following product testing was not a clinical trial such as are conducted in the use of new drug administration, the results of the use of these products are noted.

The testing of the subjects was performed by a single investigator ophthalmologist with current GCP (Good Clinical Practice) Certification and Clinical Trial Experience as a Principal Investigator in numerous clinical trials.

Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser

Subjects were advised to remove eye and/or facial make up or alternatively in the case of crusting patients to clean the eyelids twice daily with the cleanser on either a facecloth wet with hot water, cotton wool discs or gauze wet with hot water. A small amount of cleanser was added to the wet cloth/swab and this was advised to be held over the eye with the eyelids closed for 1 minute. After this, subjects were advised to rub from inside outwards several times whilst keeping the eye closed.

All subjects underwent a demonstration by the ophthalmologist regarding the practical application method of the cleanser.

The upper and lower eyelids were cleansed in this manner twice daily.

Subjects were telephoned or seen one month later and asked if improvement in blepharitis symptoms (crusting, stinging, tearing, redness and discomfort of the eyelids and eyes) was noted. More than 90% of patients reported symptom reduction. No allergic responses (redness, swelling, burning or itching of the eye) after the use of the cleanser were reported. The remaining 10% of subjects admitted to poor compliance.

Chrissanthie Eye Serum

The serum was used by subjects twice daily and there was a remarkable subjective improvement noted in puffiness and dark rings in the periocular and eyelid area. No allergic reactions were reported after 6 weeks of usage. 

Chrissanthie Eye Cream

This rich, velvety, delicately scented cream was hugely successful in the >35year old subjects and in younger subjects with drier skin.

All subjects described firmer, younger looking skin, a reduction in lines and “crows-feet”, plumpness of the eyelid area and a generalised feeling of confidence in their facial appearance. Please note that the eye cream and rich eye creams, although described as eye products, were used on the entire face and neck area by subjects and no allergic responses (see paragraph 1) were described by any of the 26 subjects after 6 weeks.

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