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Chrissie's ELC is my only choice for the management of dry eye, MGD and blepharitis. I have successfully managed more dry eye cases since moving over to Chrissie's ELC, and will gladly endorse it.

Paul Moldovanos Optometrists
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Florida Park, Johannesburg
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Blepharitis is common in the general population affecting 30-50% of children and more than 50 % of adults.
Eye Cleanse is a useful aid in the treatment of Eyelid conditions such as Blepharitis in adults and the paediatric population.

Professor Ismail Mayet
Head of St John Eye Hospital
Head of Paediatric Ophthalmology Wits University and St John Eye Hospital
Chris Hani Baragwanath Johannesburg

Worth buying for eyelash extensions!!
Three weeks of using and I love this. I use it 1-2 times a week. I have eyelash extensions and my technician recommended for a good deep clean. They don’t make my lashes fall out and it keeps them feeling clean and fresh. Will absolutely be buying again!
By Amazon Customer on January 2, 2016
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I absolutely love this product. I started using this when I got eyelash extensions and it truly makes removing my makeup so much easier. I will continue to use and purchase this product even if I do not have lash extensions because it's THAT good. I've probably gone through about 4 or 5 of these tubes already, I can't get enough. Guarantee that you won't go back to any other eye makeup remover once you give this a try!
Providence, RI
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A Must for Eyelash Extension Wearers
This product is great for removing eye makeup when you wear eyelash extensions. It not only cleans what you see but what you don't; the residue left by eyelash mites (everyone has them) but can be more problematic to an eyelash extension wearer if you do not cleanse your eyelids properly. I use this product if I am removing eye make-up or just three times a week if choosing not to wear eye make-up for a stretch of time. A little product goes a long way and I love using warm water with the product as it is soothing as well as cleansing.
By Amazon Customer
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Amazing Eyelid Cleaner
I did not buy this to use with eyelash extensions but to use as an eyelid cleanser for blepharitis. This does a terrific job of cleansing the eyelid and my blepharitis is now under control. I had previously used many other eyelid cleansers specifically for blepharitis but this is by far the very best I have used.
Robin Lyn
Poteau, OK
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Ann Nguyen-Dahl — 5 star
The best cleanser for lash extensions

Ruthie Belle — 5 star
Not only does Chrissanthie help against Blepharitis and works as an excellent eye make-up remover, using it before eyelash application also helps to get great retention! No need to use a primer after as the tea tree essential oil in the product has the same effect as a primer
Nickey Howe — 5 star
MUST HAVE product! Our clients now swear by it & so do we! Can’t wait to try the new products & wish we'd found it sooner!! Time Out Leisure xxxxx

May Rouge — 5 star
This is the best ever gel cleanser I've ever used not only help my little boy to clean his lashes from blepharitis and keep his eyes in perfect condition, no red eyelids itchiness or crusting anymore, thank you Chrissanthie for giving my son healthy eyes xx love mum

Inese Stepanova — 5 star
Wow Eyes feeling super refreshed every time I use eyelid / eyelash cleanser. I have a new addiction. Washing my lashes Clients also love me being super hyped up about it. And they all love it too. Thank You. Nova Studio is so proud to give all our clients the best!!!

Lisa Hillen — 5 star
We love this product during the lash treatments and our clients love to use it at home!

Hanna Putjato — 5 star
Amazing product, our salon customers just love it!

Sylvia Liu — 5 star
Love Chrissanthie Eyelid cleanser. I sell it to all my clients who uses it for their aftercare. Clients feels happy, clean and refreshed.

Isa Holtleite — 5 star

Anna-Sophia Jeansson — 5 star
Great product to cleanse lashes

Martha J. Bianco — 5 star
I swear by this product religiously for my clients. I am the lash extension artist and I see blepharitis from mild to extreme. I have also seen some horrible cases of demodex folliculorum (see photos I posted on this page, too). I'm not sure I would be as strong an advocate of this product if I did not wear magnifiers and work under very strong light. I can see all of the horrible details

Jenelle Paris — 5 star
I LOVE this product! Not only do I use it on myself but I recommend it to all my clients. I've used other eyelid cleansers before and some sting a bit, not Chrissanthie! If used properly one bottle will last a long time so the price is very reasonable. If you haven't tried this cleanser yet, what are you waiting for?

Dee Footman — 5 star
Don't be fooled by the cheap replicas out there,

Lynette Van Der Gryp — 5 star

Kenny Anker — 5 star
Love Chrissanthie ❤

Rikke Steenskov Udengaard — 5 star
Amazing product ❤

Miriam Garcia Ayala — 5 star

Miranda Tarpey — 5 star
I love this product - as a lash trainer I always advise students of the benefits of this lid cleanser

Sara Bambacigno-Heide — 5 star
My clients love this lid cleanser. Keeps lashes looking fresh without harming eyelash extensions.

Chrissy Henderson — 5 star
Fantastic product. My clients love this item. I use this in both my semi permanent lashes and make up (micropigmentation) treatments

Helena Lindvig — 5 star

Loraine Bester Maritz — 5 star

Krystal Kershaw — 5 star
Absolutely love this product! Helps tremendously to improve lash retention! A must for all extension wearers

Valencia Pinkie Jackson — 5 star

Elma Mare Schalkwyk — 5 star
We offer International eyelash extensions courses and one of the most important factors are that the girls have to sell aftercare products, but nowhere could we find any suitable product to sell to our clients for proper after care....until we found Chrissanthie!! The students, their models (prospective clients) everyone that uses it, wears their lashes with more confidence and are not scared anymore of getting infectious problems, because we offer them Chrissanthie!! Thank you for your product!

Gisell Hernandez — 5 star
Best cleanser their is on the market especially for eyelash extensions wearers

Loreta Jasilionyte — 5 star
Absolutely amazing product, all my clients and customers satisfied with Chrissanthie lid cleanser, if you haven’t tried yet, hurry up

Jenna Nye — 5 star
I heartily endorse Chrissanthie. Gently removes makeup and dead skin cells and natural skin secretions for a great lash application. I have traded my primer for Chrissanthie. I have recently had a text from a client who has used this product which as has successful.


Rolene Strauss Miss SA 2011 FinalistRolene Strauss Miss SA Finalist 2011

Life is like my playground, some people forget that only oneself can determine your own destiny.

I decided to make mine the one I've always dreamed of - Having a M.B.Ch.B degree, be well traveled, loving life and feeling good while doing it.

Chrissanthie Cosmetics definitely plays a role in both feeling good and loving life!


I want to let you know that the eyelid shampoo with T-tree oil has really helped. For the first time in years, i don't have a constant stream of gluey, gritty, acrid muck streaming into my eyes.
Ethel Hazelhurst

"I really have enjoyed using these products and feel that it has definitely minimized some of the finer lines around my eyes - I’ve seen a vast improvement in my skin."
Vivien Levesley (Rich Eye Cream & Serum)

I wanted to thank you for the very good moisturising cream you sent me.  I've been using it daily and my skin realy feels much more hydrated and soft.

Normaly, I'm a little bit frightened of trying a new cream because my skin reacts bad to a lot of ingredients, it gets read and itchy (allergies).  But I tried yours and I was very happy with the results. So I thought of leting you know.

Thanks very much.
Veronica Dias Karvat


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