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Eyelash Extensions & Eyebrows

Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser and eye cleanseTM Lid Wipes are available at Pharmaka Pharmacy located at the Sandhurst Eye Centre in Sandhurst. Taking the pic of the Chrissanthie product shelf and showcase is pharmacist Christine Deist - co-founder and Technical Director of Chrissanthie Cosmetics.

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Eyelash extensions don't cause bacterial infection - but improper hygiene does!

Chrissanthie Lid Cleanser is a revolutionary eyelid shampoo - an all-in-one cleanser perfect for use with eyelash extensions, a convenient and effective way to gently clean and condition the delicate eyelid and eyelashes.

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Chrissanthie Cosmetics is proud to be a sponsor of Lash Battle 2016

The Biggest Eyelash Extensions Competition in the United Kingdom!

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Lash Expert Hanna Putjato of London Lash Pro - stockist of Chrissanthie Lid Cleanser - shows how to keep your super chatty clients quiet while applying eyelash extensions.

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Anyone who knows anything about EyeLash Extensions will agree that it's an absolutely fascinating craft. A really intricate art form, gained from long hours of training and loads of practice, to achieve the results seen in the top Salons and Lash Bars.

So, we sifted through a few references on the web, and put together a brief history or eyelashes and eyelash extensions, which we hope will inform and amuse.

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