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You are serious about your profession, art or business aren't you?

You peg yourself up there with the best of the best, don't you?

You continue to pride yourself on your quality work and experience, and you don't ever sell yourself cheaply, right?

Then WHY on earth settle for a cheap imitation lash cleansers?

We have found so many home brew lash cleansers, with brilliant glam looking labels, claiming to be designed by an ophthalmologist, and containing all of our ingredients.

Well, this is not only against the law, but it's down right DANGEROUS!

Would you buy your next tube of toothpaste knowing it was made in your neighbors kitchen, using a teeny bit of a famous brand and then mixing with bicarb and chalk paste?

No, we didn't think so either 😁

💦Eye cleanse™ by Chrissanthie Eye Care Range:

- Designed by Ophthalmologist Dr Chrissie Cockinos to contain the correct percentage of tea tree to use around the delicate eye area.
- Recommended by Lash Masters around the world
- Trusted by Health Care Professionals
- EU Approved

Trusted by Professionals

Trusted by eye specialists and the beauty industry world wide

Be aware of fakes entering the market. Using untested products can damage your eyes.


eu approved

Chrissanthie products are not tested on animals