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Cleanser Product FAQs

Are the products safe for eyelids?

Yes. All products are designed by an Eye Specialist / Ophthalmic Surgeon to be absolutely safe to use on eyelids.
The Eyelid Cleansers are provided to patients and clients by Optometrists, Ophthalmologists, Pharmacists and Beauty Professionals on a daily basis for optimal eyelid and lash hygiene.

Are the Cleansers safe for eyelash extensions?

Yes, our Cleanser products are recommended worldwide for eyelash extensions pre-application cleansing, for optimal aftercare hygiene of lashes, and for the continued health of the natural lashes.

Lash Experts have shown that using Chrissanthie Eyelid & Lash Cleanser products significantly improves retention.

Are the Cleansers safe to use if I wear contact lenses?

Yes. Remember to take your lenses out before cleansing, and rinse thoroughly.

Can I dilute the Eyelid Cleanser Gel to use in my salon?

We don’t advise dilution at all.
You will be diluting the active ingredients, as well as the preservatives, and thus open the product up to contamination and bacteria.
Diluting will reduce the effectiveness of the active ingredients.

Take a look at our supplier in London Hanna Putjato of London Lash Pro demonstrating how to use Chrissanthie Eyelid Cleanser Gel on a client before eyelash extensions application.

Do I need to dilute the Gel Eyelid Cleanser?

No. You simply place a dot of gel on your finger or makeup brush, lightly wet your fingers or makeup brush, and then gently rub the lash line to create a foamy consistency, and then rinse well.

Do I need to dilute the Foam Cleanser?

No, it is designed to be used as it is – a rich, creamy mousse-like foam.
Apply a puff of foam to your finger or makeup brush, and gently rub to clean the eyelid, lash line, and between the lashes, and then rinse well.

Can I make a diluted solution with the gel, label it as my own, and sell it to clients?

No, this is a potential health hazard. Always be concerned for your clients' eye health before lash extension health.
Mixing ingredients without knowledge of reactions and shelf life, and allowing clients to use on their eyelids, could cause serious damage to the delicate eye tissue.
It is illegal to sell a home-brew cosmetic or health product in most countries.

Should I use a mascara wand or soft makeup brush to cleanse eyelash extensions?

A soft make up brush is best to get in between lashes and right down to the eyelid. A mascara wand has been known to tug at lash extensions.

Should I use a cotton swab on eyelash extensions?

A cotton swab is fine to use on natural lashes and eyelids, but it’s not a good idea to use a cotton swab or Q-tip to cleanse eyelash extensions. The cotton fibres or lint might become entangled, and tug on the lashes.

Does the tea tree in the products sting?

It might if you use too much, if you open your eyes during cleansing, or if you don’t rinse thoroughly.

Retailing FAQs

What is the minimum order quantity?

Minimum order quantity is 50 units – made up of all products.

How can I buy less than 50 units if I want to sell to my clients?

You’ll need to check our list of stockists around the world to locate your nearest supplier.
Get in touch with them directly and try to negotiate a price to enable you to make a small profit.

How can I buy small quantities to use in my salon on my clients?

Check our list of stockists around the world to locate your nearest supplier and place your order directly with them.
Often they have online shops where you can order a couple of products, and pay a local shipping rate.

What if there isn’t a supplier in my country?

If you would like to become a supplier in your country, please complete the Application Form

If you’re from outside South Africa, and would like to buy a small quantity, or a few for your own use, please go to Amazon 

How do I become a stockist / retailer in South Africa?

If you’re in South Africa, or neighbouring countries in Africa, and you would like to retail our products, please complete the Application Form

How do I buy if I'm in South Africa?

If you’re in South Africa, or neighbouring countries in Africa, and you would like to buy a small quantity, see our list of stockists in SA, or order on our website, or you can buy products on Takelaot

Lash Health

Dealing with a client who arrives with crusty and seemingly unwashed lash extensions is a bit daunting, but does need immediate care.
Often the crusting is in response to blepharitis which can be caused by a number of problems including bacterial infection and even Lash mites [demodex]

Clients don't always see what you see under the lamp, and don't even know they have a problem.

Your client should get started with a professional Lash Cleanser that will address proper cleansing.

The natural lashes, follicles and eyelids will stay clean and healthy.

Chrissanthie founder Dr Chrissie Cockinos advises any client who comes in with this condition should always see their eye care practitioner because they may have conjunctivitis.
See a demo video of how to use our eye cleanse™ Eyelid Cleanser Foam Eyelid Cleanser

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Trusted by eye specialists and the beauty industry world wide

Be aware of fakes entering the market. Using untested products can damage your eyes.


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Chrissanthie products are not tested on animals