eye cleanse™ by Dr Chrissie Eyelid Cleanser Foam


“Amazing Eyelid Cleaner I did not buy this to use with eyelash extensions but to use as an eyelid cleanser for blepharitis. This does a terrific job of cleansing the eyelid and my blepharitis is now under control. I had previously used many other eyelid cleansers specifically for blepharitis but this is by far the very best I have used.
Robin Lyn
Poteau, OK
Verified Amazon Purchase”

Robin L.

“Not only does Chrissanthie help against Blepharitis and works as an excellent eye make-up remover, using it before eyelash application also helps to get great retention! No need to use a primer after as the tea tree essential oil in the product has the same effect as a primer”

Ruthie B.

“I had an eye infection from eyelash extensions and this along with steroid cream cleared it right up. Now I use this three times a week and love it.”

Barbra B.

eye cleanse™ by Dr Chrissie Eyelid & Lash Cleanser


“This is the best ever gel cleanser I’ve ever used not only help my little boy to clean his lashes from blepharitis and keep his eyes in perfect condition, no red eyelids itchiness or crusting anymore, thank you Chrissanthie for giving my son healthy eyes xx love mum”
Verified Amazon Purchase”

Robin L.

“Wow Eyes feeling super refreshed every time I use eyelid / eyelash cleanser. I have a new addiction. Washing my lashes Clients also love me being super hyped up about it. And they all love it too. Thank You. Nova Studio is so proud to give all our clients the best!!!”

Inese S.

“Love Chrissanthie Eyelid cleanser. I sell it to all my clients who uses it for their aftercare. Clients feels happy, clean and refreshed.”

Sylvia L.

eye cleanse™ by Dr Chrissie Eyelid Cleanser Lid Wipes


“I love Chrissanthie eyelid wipes! They’re individually wrapped which is great for travel. My eyes are prone to becoming itchy and red, and these wipes provide convenient relief. A 30ct box generally lasts me all month.”


“I absolutely love using this stuff. I teach lash classes and refer this lash cleanser to all my students.”


“These are my go to for travel. Their more than generous in size.”

Linda M.

eye cleanse™ by Dr Chrissie Baby Eyelid Cleanser Lid Wipes


“I have been using baby eye cleansers on my 6 month old as his eyes have been getting crusty from teething and a cold. They work extremely well but best is I know I am really helping my little ones eyes with great quality products.”

Lindsay R.

“Really great product, and you get a lot for the money! Easy to use and definitely does the job! I also enjoy the light smell, as I’m not fond of many fragrances.”

Katina A.

“Great product for blepharitis. I use it on my two year old daughter’s eyelids.”

Jocelyn M.

eye cleanse™ by Dr Chrissie Eye Cream


“I bought this at the recommendation of my aesthetician who did my lash extensions. I absolutely love it! Cleans beautifully.”

Melanin Q.

“I used this product on myself and my lash clients and it’s very gentle and refreshing on the eyes. I will be using this from now on.”

Asia W.

“Absolutely love this cleanser! My eye doctor recommended an eyelash cleanser for my dry eyes and allergies and this works great. The tea tree also helps with puffiness.”

Nyima J.

eye cleanse™ by Dr Chrissie Eye Serum


“The cleaning effect is very good! A product that has been repurchasing! Used in the store, the customer response is also very good! No stimulation!”


“Good and gentle on my eyes. Works well with the lash extensions. Very pleased.”

Olena V.

“Really help with saggy eyes. Good product.”


Chrissanthie Eye Cleanse Range

Product Range designed by an Ophthalmologist to clean eyelids and eyelashes of all ocular secretions made in response to conditions such as Blepharitis.